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Happy 1st Birthday to us!

Today marks the year of Tristan and I owning The Front Room.


It has certainly been a fantastic year in more ways than one. However, I have never worked so hard and felt so tired and frustrated and alone at times!!

As you can see from past blogs, albeit updated a long time ago now, Tristan and I are very honest about things! So here are my frank and honest feelings about the past year now the honeymoon period is well and truly over.

Firstly the dream is very different to the reality, the romantic notion of moving your family and owning a café in a seaside town is not romantic at all! In fact it is quite the opposite. It has been the biggest learning curve and biggest roller coaster of ups and downs we have ever encountered.

One year down the line and I have a real love/hate relationship with the café. I love being there, I love the people who work there and I love the customers but I hate the time it takes away from my girls and family. I hate that we only had 3 days together over the summer holidays and that’s only because we closed for two of them, I hate that people still complained and gave a poor rating on trip advisor about us being closed (they hadn’t even stepped foot in the building). I hate that we can’t seem to win and financially owning a small business with todays VAT on small cafe businesses can be crippling. However all that said, as a whole we are a happier family.

Tristan is a different man compared to before we moved. He has come into his own and loves being his own boss. He is creative and has so many ideas and I love that he is happier. The girls are settled now, enjoying both life and school. They are in clubs and coming on leaps and bounds, except if you asked our youngest she would still say she hates school and wants to be back in High Wycombe despite us seeing she is a happier child here.

Me….. Well I am the odd one. I struggle trying to spin all the plates, and miss my old friends still. I love Penzance and I have only come across lovely people, however making friends and building meaningful friendships is hard, especially when you don’t have time due to working 50hrs+ and hold the family together. Don’t get me wrong I have stopped saying I don’t have any friends as that would be a lie and an insult to those friends we have made, however they are still new and I wish I had more time to get to know people.

I’ve just read back what I have written and it seems all doom and gloom on my part, which at times I suppose I have felt, but really it isn’t.

This year has been a year of learning, a year of growing and a year of trusting God. We have at times made wrong decisions, got staffing levels wrong, not known where finance will be coming from and been near to breaking point. We have had ovens blow up, fridges break ruining hundreds of pounds worth of meat just two days before Mazey day (one of the busiest days of the year). Water heaters have broken, a burglary, had to change plans and disappoint the kids when staff can’t work (which is my hardest thing). Regardless of the challenges we are still standing, have been provided for though gifts from God and the children still know we love them heaps.

We started the year with amazing staff who, to be quite honest, showed us what we needed to know and got us through the first few months and I am extremely grateful to them as they were fab. Many of them have moved on now to various different things and pray they are blessed in these exciting new things.

Now a year on we have a fantastic new team (some we were fortunate enough to inherit from the start) and we are moving further forward. We have a new manager, who keeps us on our toes and two new chefs who are both very different and hold different strengths, which is fabulous. Gianni (one of the chefs) is a vegan, so watch this space for more vegan options and vegan evenings. We also hold Groovelounge in The Front Room on the first Saturday evening of the month, which has proved to be a fabulous and busy evening of good music and dancing plus it is getting a good name around town. The Front Room is busy and does seem to be going from strength to strength, we don’t always get it right and mistakes happen, we are all mere humans after all, (sorry if you are reading this and you encountered an issue) but we do strive to do our best. We love having our regulars but we want to ensure that all our customers feel welcome and enjoy their time with us.

What I would say to anyone who wants to make a change and follow a dream is, you must do it. You would regret it if you didn’t, all those what ifs…

Don’t be under any illusions though that it wont be hard work as it will be, and don’t be naïve as in business you cant afford to be (another learning curve for us).

I would move all over again to have a happy husband. Yes we don’t have the money we used to but there is more to life than money and believe me money does not buy you happiness. We live in one of the most beautiful places in the world and generally have a better, happier family life!

So thank you to all our customers this year, regulars, one-off visitors or every now and then visitors you are all appreciated. Thank you to our staff, past and present this year, we couldn’t have done it without you.

Finally, thank you to my family (biological and church) for putting up with my tears and breakdowns when I have felt I can’t take any more. I love you.

Here’s to year two!!!!!!

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