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Tristan Speaks!

So…  Katie has been updating the blog, but it is my turn!

We are nearly 3 weeks into our cafe-owning journey and so far I have taken little time to communicate to the world and let you know how I am feeling, what I’m thinking and where I’m at!

So this move was kinda down to me.  I had been on a cycle of having a good job, well paid, then getting about 18 months in, getting stressed and annoyed with it all, then leaving for another job.  I would be effective and amazing for the first year but just not my best afterward.  This culminated in me being signed off work with work related stress on and off for about 6 months in my last job.  Being signed off with stress is a double  whammy as I found out.

Not only was I too stressed to work, but then I felt worse because I was off work and things are building up before I got back again.  Then I felt like I let the team down which was made evident sometimes when I returned.

This whole cycle was too much for me and I had to get off the hamster wheel.  I had to do something else, break free.  This is the conclusion I came to after being helped by my amazing church family at Hazlemere C of E in Buckinghamshire.  I went to a course called Restore which follows the Celebrate Recovery process of helping people realise what they need to do to break down the hurts, habits and hangups from their previous life.

So moving to Penzance was the best thing to do (obviously) and become a cafe owner, and fortunately for us, the BEST cafe in Penzance was for sale so happy days 🙂

Now things are amazing for me, which is really selfish, but I hope for the best.  I have uprooted my daughters from their school, I have uprooted my wife from her friends.  Again I use this as a guilt mechanism, but I am not beating myself with it.  I know that for my family, having a functioning father and husband is whats best.  I’m my own boss, but surrounded by fantastic staff so I CAN take my daughters to school, I CAN spend quality time with them, and I CAN breathe for the first time in years.

So in the ups and downs and turmoil of the last few months, I have to thank some people.  Firstly Katie, who has supported me through my removal from work, buying and selling houses and generally keeping me on track.  I also have to thank the rest of the family for continued support and encouragement, despite some of them probably thinking we are mad.

I want to thank old friends for praying for us (you know who you are) and the church family we have left who prayed for us, were there for the tears and there for the elation of the move too.

I also want to thank new friends, Kate for being an amazing seller and keeping us all sane, our staff for being fantastic through the process of the purchase and for being an amazing, enthusiastic and refreshing bunch of people to work with.  Also thnaks to our new church family who are faithfully returning to the cafe to keep us in business and ALL our customers, be them regular or passing through for coming and enjoying the food, coffee and environment.

So to the purpose of the blog and thats to tell you all about the amazing coffee journey I have been on.

Here’s me thiimg_2404nking coffee was coffee and thinking that it should be pretty straightforward…  I then walked into the Origin Coffee cafe at Harbourhead in Porthleven and 5 minutes later I knew I was out of my depth.  Enter Jen to be the Yoda to my Luke and start me off becoming a proper coffee geek!

img_2777Since then I have become qualified in filter brew coffee with our amazing manager Calypso, I have changed our coffee machine (which was a great machine, but our new La Marzocco Linea PB is the bomb) and started to offer filter brew with a new EK43 grinder.  I have been massively supported by Origin Coffee (thanks to Jen, Emily and Jesse) and by giving our staff these tools, they are now churning out a coffee standard that has been noted by several customers who are coming back again and again in a single day!

I am thankful that our staff are happy to innovate and tolerate me through this and despite some reservations, they can see that we want to make our coffee experience the best in this part of Cornwall.  Our staff are such innovators themselves and have come up with such fantastic ideas too, watch this space for more, but check out Lee’s Latte Art on the Website 🙂

We are also blessed to have some mazing suppliers, including Origin as well as all the others.  Check out the suppliers section of this website for more.  We are currently the only place we are aware for that has the ability to retail Ground Coffee from Origin with the EK-43!

So that’s it from me for now.  I am once again able to look to the future with hope, excited anticipation and a sense of joy that I haven’t felt in years.  I’m combining my commercial acumen, with my finance background and my love of sales.  I work with the awesomest people which includes our customers.  We are constantly surprised at how much love there is for the Front Room and we hope to cultivate and nurture that going forwards.

I hope to see you soon at The Front Room!

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