83 Market Jew Street, Penzance, Cornwall, TR18 2LG  01736 448681

Who are we and How have did we get here?

We are Katie, Tristan, Eve, Zoe and Red the Black Labrador, originally from High Wycombe in Buckinghamshire, we have moved to Penzance to take over The Front Room from Kate and hopefully have a better family life for us all.


Well what a whirlwind the last few months have been.

It was the second week of the 2016 Easter Holidays and we came to Penzance to visit Karen, my sister . We had a fabulous week and one evening whilst Karen and I were sat talking, (Tristan knew nothing of this conversation) I flippantly said I would love to live here and run a café. Karen mentioned she could see us running a coffee shop like The Front Room, as it is really lovey and quirky. Unknown to me, she had no idea it was currently for sale. However that is where it was left but, where it began!

Tristan at the time was in a very stressful job which wasn’t great for him or the rest of us so we kind of knew we needed to make a change in some way. We returned from our holiday and both returned to work following the bank holiday. It was late morning when I received the text “ I’ve had enough, lets do it!”

Tristan had got so stressed at work, that he had googled businesses for sale in Cornwall. The first one that came up was The Front Room. This is the one he was saying lets buy!

Well, within a week, our house was on the market and sold for asking price, we came back down to Penzance, viewed many houses had an incognito lunch in The Front Room (which I fell in love with) and then met with Kate after closing, who we also bonded with straight away. To me this was all a no brainer we had to have the café and the house we loved.

… so lets get the ball rolling!!

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